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The information on this page is provided for the purposes of Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies. Information current as at 9 February, 2017.

The company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Description of business

PHSC plc, through its trading subsidiaries, provides a comprehensive range of health, safety and environmental management service to the public and private sectors. The Company also has a growing presence in the field of electronic security tagging and CCTV, where it provides systems to commercial clients predominantly to the retail sector.


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Country of Incorporation

PHSC plc is incorporated in England and Wales, and England is its main country of operation.

Constitutional documents

Copies of the Articles of Association are available for downloading as a pdf document here.

Exchanges and trading platforms

The company's shares are traded on the AIM market.


The information and assumptions are correct as at 9 February 2017.

The number of PHSC plc Ordinary Shares in issue is 14,677,257.

Those holding 3% or more of the issued Ordinary Shares are as below:

Nicola Coote 21.42%

Stephen King 21.22%

James Faulkner 3.10%

Unicorn AIM VCT II plc 7.3%
(Last notified on 4 May 2007 based on issued share capital of 11,657,296. Assuming no additions or disposals the percentage when re-indexed to 14,677,257 Ordinary Shares in issue is 5.78%)

Downing LLP 3.48%
Held via Downing ONE VCT plc
(Last notified on 20 April 2015 based on issued share capital of 12,686,348.  Assuming no additions or disposals the percentage when re-indexed to 14,677,257 Ordinary Shares in issue is 3.00%)

As at 9 February 2017 the total number of shares not in public hands was 6,143,842, which represents 41.86% of the issued share capital.

No Ordinary Shares are held in Treasury, and there are no restrictions on the transfer of Ordinary Shares.

Annual reports

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Admissions document

A copy of the company's Admissions document is available here (pdf, 615kb)