Security Labels

Security labels come in a wide range of forms – from simple stick-on labels to more complex fittings such as those we designed for Iceland Foods to protect legs of lamb from being stolen and bottles of alcohol from being removed from a store without proper payment.  Whether you are looking to improve the security … Read more

Product Protection

Our product protection services and equipment is designed to prevent attrition and shrinkage caused by poor security and customer monitoring.   Whether you are looking to improve your profits through minimisation of loss, or maximise your security arrangements by protecting your equipment or products, we have a solution that is simple to install and manage.  We … Read more

Foot Fall Counting / Analysis

Our customer counting solution has an Automated Occupancy Control System that provides real market intelligence.  It is used in the retail sector for those looking to predict and plan marketing/merchandising layout to maximise expensive floor space and to monitor areas of your premises where there is inefficiently used space. For wider business use it is … Read more

Security Tagging

Our Security Division specialises in both radio frequency (RF) and acoustic magnetic technologies (AM) when using its range of security tagging solutions.  By fitting a simple tag onto any item of equipment it can be traced and an alarm activated if it is taken beyond an approved threshold. Whilst this is familiar technology in the … Read more


Through our Security Division (B2BSG), the PHSC plc group can provide a wide range of CCTV security systems. Our CCTV security systems use the latest surveillance technology and can now be used with customer entry systems for maximum security in your workplace. Safeguard your assets from theft & criminal damage Essential for the police when … Read more

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