Our subsidiaries specialise a number of sectors including:


Serviced predominantly via our subsidiary In-House Safety and supported by other subsidiaries, eg where schools have swimming pools, large sports facilities etc . This subsidiary operates the renowned School Safety Mark scheme where we undertake an initial gap analysis of compliance and interlink this with Ofsted / ISI standards.  This forms a roadmap for improvement and we support the education provider through the journey until they achieve the required level of compliance to attain this.

Sports and Leisure:

Our subsidiary QLM Consulting Ltd are leaders in their field of occupational safety and health in all organisations that provide swimming pools, spas, leisure and sports facilities. They also specialise in holiday centres, hotels and campsites. Their Leisuresafe  audit service sets us apart from other providers as it enables an externally accredited audit system that focusses on the key risk and compliance disciplines needed for a provider in leisure services  to deliver.

Hotels and Holiday Centres:

Another specialist sector of expertise for our subsidiary QLM consulting Ltd  relates to all organisations who provide hotel accommodation and recreational breaks to their customers. Our holistic approach, supported by other subsidiaries in our Safety, Systems and Security divisions enables a single point of contact when managing the wide range of risks to people and property.

Food Manufacture and Provision:

Our subsidiaries In-House Safety Ltd  and RSA Environmental Ltd work hard to support customers in the complete food safety management cycle, including;

  • Food manufacture
  • Food transport and storage
  • Food preparation and delivery
  • Management of food waste
  • Training and competencies for staff managing/processing food

Whether you are looking for support with your full HACCP (hazard analysis at critical control points) assessment, hygiene monitoring of your food premises or development of food safety policies and protocols, we will have a service that can be adapted to suit your needs.


Through its subsidiary Personnel Health & Safety Consultants Ltd we have developed specific audit, risk assessment and ongoing support services organisations specialising in the motor vehicle industry and public transport.

Social Housing:

This is another sector specific area of expertise for Personnel Health & Safety Consultants Ltd who can provide support, including an ongoing Advisor/Competent Person service  and sector-specific training to social housing providers throughout the UK, covering both landlord responsibilities to meet the UK Housing Regulator requirements as well as workplace safety risks for staff supporting the planned and reactive maintenance programmes, housing support personnel and community workers.


Whilst the main focus of compliance in this sector is via the Care Quality Commission (CQC) we use health and safety compliance to underpin and support CQC compliance to avoid need for duplication and over-complication of systems to meet both regulators.  Our IOSH Approved “Principles of Safety Management in Healthcare” course enables a benchmarked and nationally recognised level of competence to support organisations in meeting Well Led and Safe and is nationally renowned for its practical approach to risk and safety management.

Renewable Energy:

Having worked for many years in traditional energy companies using fossil fuels, we have been refining our expertise over recent years in the fast growing needs for compliance and management system support for renewable energy. Via a combination of our Safety and Systems divisions we can provide an holistic approach to quality, safety and environmental management systems, training and support for all areas of renewables. This includes wind farms, solar farms and green hydrogen development.


Offices and other commercial environments have undergone much change in recent years as innovative ways of working have emerged, and particularly following the pandemic when people worked largely from home. Many organisations have various forms of hybrid working and so health and safety management approaches need to change to suit. We supported hundreds of organisations throughout this time, including development of Agile Working, Hybrid Working processes. This sector also completes full management system audits and considers more subtle risks such as lone work, travel abroad, and mental health as well as general premises risk.

Manufacturing and Industry:

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and industry (it was the sector where the founders of  Personnel Health & Safety Consultants initially worked) we have provided ongoing support via our Appointed Safety Advisor Service, as well as completed ad-hoc tasks in a wide range of industrial locations including: die-casting, green hydrogen manufacture, food manufacture, the printing industry, warehousing and motor vehicle production.

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