Statutory Examination

Examinations of lifting equipment etc are often, wrongly, referred to as “insurance inspections” and the work is passed without thinking to insurance company engineers who operate at premium rates. Independent consultancies such as Inspection Services (UK) Limited can provide an identical service, usually for a very competitive fee.

We can work directly with a client, or on their behalf through an insurance broker. Once we have received an instruction, we make contact and agree a mutually convenient time to complete the work, taking care to ascertain and follow your local health and safety site procedures. The site visit is normally during normal opening hours although we can arrange urgent and out of hours visits where these are needed. 

If there are matters of concern identified during the inspection, our engineer will bring these to your attention whilst he is on site.

After each visit, our engineer prepares an inspection report. This will be submitted to the client, or their broker if applicable, within 28 days but usually sooner.

Non Statutory Examination

Non-statutory examinations are completed on all types of work equipment that do not come under a specific legal requirement to ensure it is checked at a specified frequency.  Instead, the checks we make come under the Provision & Use of Work Equ8ipment (PUWER) as part of a maintenance regime. This type of examination will include all type of equipment, from stepladders and ladders  to warehouse racking, abrasive wheels and cutting tools.

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