ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the first international standard for occupational safety & health management systems. Introduced in March 2018, it replaced the initial standard (BS OHSAS 18001) which is withdrawn from the end of 2021. Businesses who initially aligned their systems to OHSAS 18001 will need to have transitioned to ISO 45001 by the end of 2021, or redevelop their system to align with the new ISO 45001. 

You’re not required by law to implement ISO 45001 or other similar management standards, but the standard provides you with a structured framework for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. When integrated with other business disciplines such as Environmental Management, or Quality and Business Management, your systems will be aligned to minimise bureaucracy, maximise efficiency and streamline your processes into an Integrated Management Process. 

This is where QCS, representing PHSC Systems division, really comes into its own. Whether you wish to focus purely on your occupational safety and health or integrate your business systems, we have a pragmatic approach which will work for you. 

Why Choose PHSC Systems?

PHSC Systems division has the added advantage over many other providers of being able to work seamlessly with our PHSC Safety Division to ensure you receive not only expert advice on your system, but to ensure your occupational safety and health risks are properly identified by a Chartered Safety Practitioner, are prioritised and managed.

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